End the year STRONG

Merry Christmas! Am I allowed to say that yet?

It's the first Monday in December, the countdown to the end of 2018 is on!

According to Forbes only about 30% of our working hours are 'productive'.

If that's true, we have 40 productive working hours left in 2018 (if you're taking a Christmas break). If that thought sends you into a cold sweat, take the time to plan what you MUST get done in those hours. Plan with your team today, what each of you must do to contribute to your most important goals.

Then block out the time in your calendars when you know you can focus on your deliverables. Be realistic and decisive.

The very real danger is that December will get eaten away with urgent but not important tasks and the many (lovely) distractions of the Christmas season. But create the focus now and you can still end the year strong and enjoy the festivities.

Wishing you a very productive December. 🙂 💪 🎄 🎉

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