Go off line this Christmas

I used to approach the end of year break with very mixed emotions.

Excited about spending Christmas with my family but knowing I would always have one eye on email in case something happened at work. Especially as we always had such a big start to the new year with launches and conferences to deliver. Our corporate 'always on' mentality can be hardest at Christmas time when we want and need to spend dedicated down time at home.

As we go into the last few working days of the year it's not too late to make sure you and your team have a proper break from the pressures of work over Christmas and New Year.

By being intentional and planning with your team how you will operate over the break you set clear signals about the fact that everyone needs and deserves a complete break. Leave it vague and the danger is that no one gets to truly turn off, or important things are left undone. Both of these lead you into a bad start in 2019!

For tips on how to get ready for the best Christmas break read my article 

Will you get a proper break over Christmas to dedicate time to those you love most?

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