We are all on a journey, who do you want to travel with?

Is that stranger you sit next to on the bus or train your next best friend or a death eater?  We all know the positive impact the right people have on our mental health, but we certainly can't tell from appearances if we are about to have the best, or the worst, journey of our lives.  

I was asked at a recent event how I had balanced building an ambitious career, travelling non stop and having 3 children (and now also a grandson).  My answer was an honest, simple one - I married a man who inspires, supports and encourages me (going way beyond the call of duty on so many occasions) and I stay close to people and resources who motivate me.

I know the impact that the right and the wrong people have on my health, my attitude and my success, but sometimes I've found it very hard to make the right decisions to protect myself.

I've learnt the hard way, have often waited far too long and sometimes stumbled over making these difficult decisions.  I have eventually walked away from friendships and left jobs where I know the people (lovely as they may be) kill my energy rather than multiply it.  I'm not talking here about bad people who knowingly create toxic environments, just that there is an imbalance in the chemistry which means I get drained when I am around them and consistently leave depleted. 

And I've learnt that this is not just about the people, it's also about what content I consume.  My teenage daughter knows if she watches horror movies she will have nightmares, I know watching politicians debate depresses me!  There is a direct correlation.

In my experience it's impossible to sustain a hectic, demanding lifestyle, to balance home and work and to have the energy to consistently deliver high performance, if you aren't very careful about how, and with whom you spend your time.  

Who or what do you need to have beside you on your journey? 

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