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Let's get you unstuck!  

'Going it alone’ often doesn't work.  Without positive action, challenges usually get worse, not better.  

Throughout my successful corporate career I've focused on developing others and leading with confidence and transparency.  

I can be your guide, ally and coach.

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What my clients say ...

"Elise is so encouraging and always has a very unique perspective on things.  She caused me to look at things differently, enabling me to see links to things I may never have made on my own. I feel really privileged to have worked with Elise.  I truly believe our coaching has shaped the success I have seen in my career. I have a far greater sense of awareness around what I’m doing, how I’m feeling and where I am going and am incredibly grateful for all that Elise has done."

"Just speaking with Elise was itself a catalyst for positive change. She provided a safe environment to explore what’s important to me. Her incisive questions helped unlock a different way to look at things. Elise’s deep experience of the corporate environment brought real understanding of the challenges and opportunities I was facing. We explored different options and created a pathway of small but impactful steps that have resulted in real progress."

"Elise has an authoritative approach which challenges my thinking, and she also empathises with me as she has been in these situations herself. She brings real world, practical advice to the table rather than just theory.  She helped me realize I had choices and I had the power to define my future."