I’m Elise

Whatever brought you here, welcome.  
Let me introduce myself.  Before becoming an accredited Business Coach, my career centered on driving successful Marketing transformation. My last corporate role was as Chief Marketing Officer for a £2.5Bn global business, responsible for a team contributing £115+M in sales pipeline.

I've spent 20+ years in some of the most challenging work environments leading transformational growth programmes.  I know what it takes to be successful in high pressure, high profile roles and I have first hand experience of driving change in entrenched teams and businesses.

Whilst my foundation is in entrepreneurial businesses, I have a deep understanding of the global, tech, software and financial worlds.  I've recruited and led large teams, transformed operational functions, launched global brands and managed big budgets.  I've worked with some amazing people and learnt a lot along the way.

Like everyone, I've made mistakes and these have proved to be my most valuable lessons.  My successes, failures and sacrifices shape the person I am today.


I bring my all to my work – my experience, my knowledge, my skills, and my true self, I know this is when I am at my best.


Who I am

I was born and raised a Londoner with an incurable love of the ocean. Now I get to spend lots of time at our seaside home in beautiful Southern Ireland.

A people person, I thrive when supporting and developing individuals whilst helping them stretch to their full potential.  

I experienced first hand the value of having a good business coach during my corporate career and this led me to qualify as a coach myself. 

Using my experience and my training to help people to be successful without sacrificing their values is a great joy.

Family is my fulcrum and I have 3 wonderful children and 1 little sunbeam of a grandson.  Raising a family whilst pursuing a career that took me away from them most of the time has been my greatest lesson so far!



What I do

I work as a Consultant, offering my experience in Marketing, and my training as a Business Coach to drive real results for people and the businesses they serve.

Using my proven track record, I help my clients successfully navigate challenges and achieve their leadership goals whilst keeping balance in their lives. 

Building on my Marketing experience, I help organisations to grow their reputation and revenue and transform their Marketing to support their business strategy.  I bring a determined focus on the customer and have initiated and led many projects to drive a customer-centric approach. 

I'm hands on and commit to delivering real results, whilst focusing on the people and long term success.  

I'm in London and Ireland and work with clients globally.


How I can help

Whether we ever work directly together or not, I want you to have access to the best insight.

I publish content on topics I know and care about, including; developing your leadership potential, building your profile and managing your life for success.  I also share some of my experience in planning and achieving Marketing transformation, becoming and staying customer centric and developing and protecting your brand. 

I offer one to one coaching to business professionals looking to drive change in their life, their career or their businesses.  I can help you overcome challenges, achieve stretch goals, build successful relationships and make the next career move.

I also offer consultancy to businesses looking to drive transformational change and implement successful growth plans. 

I have direct experience of creating and developing teams focused on achieving stretch goals. I've learnt a lot through my success and failures and I'm keen to share these lessons.

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