Ready to take control and drive the change you want? 
It starts with you

You want to unleash your leadership potential

You want to see more success for your team

You want to drive change in your business

You want to take action

I can be your catalyst

To help you think clearly.

To uncover options and chart a course.

To challenge you to be accountable.

This magic happens because you have my sincere support, my experience and expertise, so you can do your best thinking.


Coaching isn't therapy

We won’t dissect your past, we start from here and move forward.  It’s a future-focused, inspiring process.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

  • How do I empower my team to excel?
  • How can I drive successful, sustainable change in my business?
  • How do I harness the energy of conflict and turn it into positive challenge?
  • How do I deliver bold, incisive communications?
  • How can I stop ‘managing’ stakeholders and convert them into fans?
  • How do I deliver breakthrough goals?
  • How do I blow through inertia and drive sustainable change?

On a more personal level, do you want to:

  • Bring people along with your vision for the future?
  • Supercharge your leadership profile?
  • Build confidence and increase resilience?
  • Beat the overwhelm, stop procrastinating and start succeeding?
  • Create a system so you can be successful at work and life?

If you want more success and less sacrifice, I can help. 
I coach people all over the world by video conferencing or telephone and in person in London and Ireland.  I customise each coaching contract based on where I can add the greatest value.  Get in touch so we can book a free 30 minute discovery call.

Don’t see your top challenge here? I’m curious to know more, drop me a note as I’d love to learn more about your most pressing business challenge.


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What my clients say ...

"I had Elise as my coach during a tough period at work which was difficult professionally, and affected my work-life balance. 

Elise's objectivity and huge experience of working in challenging corporate environments helped me focus on what really mattered.

She provided me with an invaluable platform to discuss an issue, break it down and identify root-causes, consider options and guide me to choose the best approach for myself.

"Elise’s knowledge of the business world is second to none. She understands the many facets of large corporations and can help you navigate around it at any level, to achieve your goals successfully without losing your authentic self.  She helped me unravel complex issues within myself, to see a straight path of where I wanted to be and how to get there. Even though I ended up making some very daunting decisions, I felt confident to do it as I knew it was helping me stay true to my values but more importantly, I wasn’t doing it alone."

"I was really glad I had an opportunity of being coached by Elise during a very important transition in my career. Elise helped me manage some really complex issues and to recognise, and tackle barriers with her experienced, yet fresh, perspective.  Elise would never lead me to an automatic conclusion, she always gave me the space to find the answer that was a 100% right for me. If you are going through a transition, working with Elise will be make it a walk in the park."