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Is your success at work coming with huge personal sacrifice?
Use my unique approach to achieve great success but without sacrificing what is most precious to you

Are you overworked and overwhelmed?

Do you strive everyday to hang on to some crumb of the impossible work/ life balance everyone talks about?

Does you success at work leave you feeling hollow and unhappy because it comes at such a high personal price?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, I can honestly say 'I know how you feel'. Because I do know how you feel.

I spent too many years in my successful corporate job juggling so many balls I ended up dizzy and almost sick with the side effects.

As a committed, ambitious high flying executive, everything looked great from the outside. I climbed the corporate ladder and achieved great success, I was well compensated and enjoyed my Chief Marketing Officer role which took me to fabulous places all over the world, where I stayed in 5 star hotels, met wonderful people and did meaningful work.

I was also working Mum to three wonderful children (and latterly Grandmother to one). I was away from our home in Southern Ireland most days, of most weeks, and despite my Husband being a wonderful work from home Dad, my burden of guilt was huge and I felt like a failure.

Intellectually I knew what was most important to me - first I would rank my family, my marriage and my health. Financial stability came in second.  My career, my work family, third.

It was easily able to articulate these priorities, and so it should have been equally easy to make the right decisions to reflect those priorities, right?


The principle of priorities was easy, the actual day to day decisions were very hard to get right.

My wake up call came when I missed my son Joel's 6th Birthday. This was nothing new, I had missed many significant family dates before. But this time was different. I was working in Japan and the time zone change screwed me up. 

I woke up on the 7th May - the day after Joel's birthday and when I looked at my phone I saw this photo from my husband, with a smiling Joel waving at me over his cake. I realised with a sickening lurch that I had completely missed his birthday, which had passed without even a call home from his absent Mum.

Joel is now 15 and doesn't remember this incident, but it rocked my world.

Initially my reaction was that I had to quit my job. Things had got completely out of hand and I was living so far off my values and priorities that some drastic change had to occur before it was too late for me to salvage my most important relationships.

But I didn't want to quit my job. I loved my work and was committed to the team and our goals. I felt conflicted, deflated and a failure.

Quitting my job, would I realised feel like a sacrifice and I didn't want any more sacrifice in my life. I wanted to find another way to succeed at life - at home and at work.

So I worked with a business coach who helped me create a framework I now call 'success not sacrifice'.  This is not about 'having it all'.  I certainly don't believe that story.  But this framework does help you have what matters most to you - across all aspects of your life. 

It takes work. You must decide the things you are prepared to give up because they aren't that important to you.  And as a result you are able to guard against the loss of everything that really matters.  By creating your own 'success not sacrifice' model you lay down the priorities and create a successful life without having to make costly personal sacrifices.

Until I developed this approach I struggled with the everyday decisions, and the priorities I had at a high level got compromised when it came to the detail. It seemed impossible to implement my lofty principles in a way that didn’t leave me feeling exhausted, upset and overwhelmed.

I could achieve the success I wanted at work but only by sacrificing those personal priorities that actually brought me the greatest happiness.

All of this changed as I developed the structured approach I'm now delighted to share with you. I have honed and perfected the ‘Success not Sacrifice’ approach which still guides the decisions I make everyday.

This approach works best when you have a coach beside you to help you stress test your template for success and to hold you accountable to the commitments you make. I'd be delighted to be that coach for you and pass on the lessons I've learned. I know this approach works and I can help you achieve great success and avoid a life of sacrifice.

If you want me to stop sacrificing and start succeeding, drop me a note and we’ll book a free 30 minute Success not Sacrifice Strategy call.

By the end of the call you'll understand the success not sacrifice model.  It's also an opportunity for us to discover each other and for you to decide if you want to take the guided 'success not sacrifice' course which includes the full framework and one to one coaching with me.

The call is free and confidential, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Take action now by dropping me a note with 'Book Success not Sacrifice Strategy Call' in the subject and I'll start helping you as soon as I can.


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