Are you ready to change your professional future? Dare to imagine your perfect day

"They say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself" Andy Warhol, American Artist, Director and Producer.

Are you looking for inspiration on what to do next in your career?

Do you feel disconnected from your current career, disillusioned or disappointed with your role and unsure of what to do next? 

Do you know you need to change your role, profession or organisation to achieve success that is meaningful to you?

Do you feel stuck and unsure of what to do about it? 

Change is hard and it’s even harder, if not impossible, to do alone.  

If you're already successful it's even harder to motivate yourself to pursue change.  Being successful and yet unhappy or unfulfilled is not the future you wish for yourself, and I don't wish it for you either.

If this rings true for you, I've developed a programme of exercises, which I usually share only with my coaching clients as way to open up their thinking around what is possible for their professional future.  

As a special gift I'm delighted to share one of these creative exercises with you.  You can download the exercise at the bottom of this article. 

I hope you enjoy this Perfect Day exercise, which is just the first step in opening up a world of possibilities for your future.  If you have any questions please drop me an email

You can choose to do this work by yourself and if this is the case, I wish you every success, but like most things worthy of hard work it’s easier with a guide.  

I can help you achieve the change you want to see. I work with a limited number of one to one clients by Skype. Drop me a note and we can set up a free 20 min Career Strategy call.  At the end of the call you'll have a good understanding of how to move forward with the questions you have around your career or life transition and I'll be able to tap into my resources to see how I can help.

I would also love to hear your comments and your feedback, including how the exercise worked for you and what you discovered as a result.  So please do get in touch.

Download my Perfect Day exercise, just join my email list or login and you can download it straight away. It's a free gift from me to you.


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