Share the pain and the pleasure of change

All businesses can expect to need to change significantly every 3-5 years.  With new technology, new market dynamics, new economic imperatives, new customers and a shifting global landscape there are many change forces at work for all of us.

When you are in the grip of a difficult change programme it can seem that you are the only one impacted and that no one has it as tough as you and your team.

Sharing the pain really does make things better.

That’s one of the reasons it’s really important to ensure you have a really effective internal communications plan in place before you start any significant change programme.  It’s not just about ticking a box and keeping people informed, it’s also about sharing some of the pain and gaining help and support from across the business.

People usually want to help and get involved, but they can’t if they don’t have the opportunity and don’t know your story.  So once you have your change vision in place, start communicating and don’t stop, especially when the going gets tough.

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