Don't miss out. Use your Desire to overcome your Fear

I love to run daily (OK more of a slow jog, but I do love it).

I stopped recently because I pulled a hamstring and I missed it. With my leg recovered I decided last night I would run first thing this morning. I woke up to a grey, wet morning and immediately rationalised why going out wasn't a good idea. My inner talk tuned into my fear of getting hurt again. I wanted to run but I feared injury (and the rain didn't help).

Desire and fear are our most potent emotions and the tussle between them plays out in our daily lives.

I decided to run. My desire was greater than my fear of injury and rain.

I was rewarded with this amazing view of the sun breaking through the clouds on the beach. And I didn't hurt myself in the process.  Fear holds us back every day, it's our survival instinct which just wants us to be safe. But being safe isn't living and it means we miss out on experiences - big and small.

Do you also find your inner 'fear talk' holding you back? Try tuning into the flip side of fear - your desire, it could lead to the sun breaking through for you too.

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