Have you found your daily Golden Moment?

In my last corporate role I often got trapped in a cycle of back to back meetings each day, and found myself having to catch up with my ‘real work’ at the end of what had already been a very long and exhausting day.  I would often still at the office at 7.30 or 8pm struggling with a never ending 'To Do' list.  I realised this led to a series of back outcomes for me every day it happened. 

Because it was late I would miss going to the gym or doing any kind of exercise, because it was late I would pick up a take away or ready meal on the way home, because it was late I would slump in front of the TV with a glass or two of wine. 

I’m sure you know where this set of habits is going and it wasn’t good!

I managed to break the cycle by changing one small thing – I made a rule to leave the office by 6.30pm at the latest.  I knew this would be hard so I made myself accountable by telling my team this was my intent, I set an alarm on my phone and I asked a friend to be my buddy by texting me at 6.15pm every day to remind me. 

The result was amazing, this small golden moment set off an equal and opposite train of events.  I got home in time to catch the deli on the corner before closing so I could buy fresh veg for a home cooked meal, I had time to go for a run and I went to bed at a decent time because I was physically as opposed to only mentally tired.

When I left the office at 6.30pm each evening my whole life got materially better.  And guess what – the world didn’t stop turning just because I wasn’t staying late and finishing my list, if anything my performance improved because I was in better shape overall.

Is there a golden moment in your life that could send you down a better path?

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