What's your intention? Focus on that and everything else will follow

There is no such thing as a neutral exchange.  Everything we say and do has an influence and leaves an impression on others.

The goal of leaving everyone and everything better than you found them, may seem like a lofty goal, after all as leaders there will be rough patches for ourselves and our teams.  But it’s not about what you have to say, it’s about what lies behind those words. 

I think the magic lies with the intent.  Intention is everything especially when we have challenging discussions to have, or what might be perceived as bad news to deliver.

If your intent is to stay focused on supporting and helping, you are able to stay curious, be open and find the best solution.  And whoever you are communicating with will understand this no matter what comes out of your mouth.

If you are coming from a focus on yourself, your needs, fears and desires, this will be very apparent to your audience.

Seek to serve and support and don’t worry about the actual words, your intention will be clear.


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